On 22/06/18 17:14, tissupport wrote:

> SLES 11 SP4 provides
> mysql server and libmysqlclient in version 5.5.43.
> It also provides libmysqlclient in version 5.0.96.
> But the SDK only provides a devel rpm for libmysqlclient 5.0.96.
> Is the devel rpm for 5.5.43 missing or can I use the 5.0.96 devel also
> if building a client
> based on libmysqlclient 5.5.43 ?

For libmysqlclient for MySQL 5.5.43 you need to install

This would also suggest that your server is not fully patched as the
latest libmysql55client (to match latest MySQL available for SLES11 SP4)
is 5.5.60.

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