On 18/07/18 13:34, AVD909 wrote:

> Yes it's a fujitsu server,

I'm not familiar with Fujitsu servers so which model do you have?

> and I can see the Visualsuite process
> running. So you think downloading/installing latest fujitsu drivers
> should fix this?
> If I decide to take the first action (dont install [19+] patches), what
> are the implications? Will system be happy running on the current
> versions or am I making a noose for myself later down the line?

Since you've already upgraded I would be inclined to now not further
update the server but instead uninstall the drivers, update, then
(re)install the drivers. If you let me know the Fujitsu model I'll check
whether updated drivers are available for SLES11 SP4 (vs SLES11 SP3).

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