I am trying out the new SLES15 and have migrated a vm from SLES11SP4. SLES15 looks much better than SLES12 as I am not getting any system slow downs or hanging when using the KVM hypervisor. However, in graphics mode, the keyboard works fine, but I cannot get the mouse to function at all. I have the graphics tablet option installed and have tried the VNC and Spice graphics but I get the same result in that the mouse disappears when over the virtual machine and reappears when over the normal desktop.

I have tried numerous combinations of the settings duplicating those on the SLES11 server (Cirrus graphics) but no luck as of yet.

Anyone got any ideas as the new SLES15 implementation looks very good and I would like to get on further with the testing. AT the moment, the networking is not working for the vm, but I will look into this once I get the mouse back.

Many thanks