johnirizari wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> The main goal is to have the SLES12 SP3 kernel version 4.4.140-94.42.1

Hi John,

Welcome to the SUSE forums. As a new member, you should read the SUSE
Forums FAQ which has all the forum rules.

Posting the same message to multiple forums is discouraged. the rules
state that:

> Spam: If more than 2 copies of 'substantially' the same message are
> posted, they may be considered "spam" and deleted from the forums.

The Knowledge Partners monitor all the forums so if you have a question
just choose what you think might be an appropriate forum. Should it be
more appropriate to ask your question in a different forum, we will let
you know.

Since this question is about SUSE Linux Enterprise *Server* the other
forum you posted to is the correct one:

I am closing this thread and ask that all replies be made to the post
in the SLES Install-Boot forum using the above link.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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