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On 03/08/18 11:14, naren bishayee wrote:

> Please do something to solve this digest error problem ASAP. Right now i
> cant use my system for my work, totally helpless and blind

These forums are staffed by volunteers of which I am one. If this is
critical for you then you should open an incident with SUSE Technical
Support via the SUSE Customer Center @ https://scc.suse.com/login .
If the court please (typical intro by an attorney in a court to bring something, sometimes unpleasant, to the court's attention):

Installation problems have been plaguing OPENSUSE for years (my experience goes back to 10.3 IIRC and going forward). Now LEAP is using the SLEx installer basics to make things more stable, right?

If I may, I'd like to jump to the crux of this matter.

For one to buy (as in spend money to acquire) SLED and then have it fail during install so that the installed O/S is unbootable, SUSE should see this as embarrassing.

Really, the most critical part of SLEx is the installer. You can't install, you can't run boot it. So to tell one to purchase a bug ticket to report that the product one has purchased doesn't work is, well, not the smartest thing in the world to do.

Ok, those who know me know that I come from the mainframe world. What they don't know is I've been doing this for other than IBM and mainframes. Before the recession of the '80s, and the crash and disappearance of most of the mid-range computer makers, the common idea was, when you buy one of our systems, that system is not installed or not out of warranty until it can be brought up and running (hardware and/or software).

Only Microsoft has support people to talk to that have a check list, and if you are outside of that check list, tell you to purchase support -- Mind you, this is their special code given to employees of their customer base so they can have Windows running at home....

Once the system has correctly started up, now you need a support contract (I know, because I also did field engineer work at one time). I can agree with that. Makes sense. But the idea of using forums to support one's product and that if one finds a bad bug during install... That tells customers (not consumers, we don't consume your bits or bytes) that the quality goes in after the product ships (a la Microsoft -- ship the product and within how many months do patches start coming out?).

Don't start the stuttering and two step method of justifying this (e.g., We can't possibly have every motherboard, and configuration out there...). Acknowledge the failed install problem reports and take it to give it some consideration without requiring one to buy a problem ticket.

How many times have I "upgraded" a SuSE system to have it have problems with /home being in a RAID0 Mirroring configuraton? This gets old.

I have noticed that now LEAP is putting out LIVE systems (CD/DVD) since I complained that I have to use Knoppix Live DVD/CDs to diagnose a failed SUSE SLED 12 SP3 install, where I had to go force formating of partitions, etc. so that SLED could be installed and booted.

I think that the OP who started this thread should not be required to purchase support for an installer failure unless they want to get this fixed rapidly -- but would this qualify, to SUSE as a Priority 1 (or from my world, a SEV1)?

I think the OP may be having the same problem I do -- UEFI vs. Legacy. The installer should hand this quite cleanly.

I thank the court for its indulgence.