We have a customer trying to install our product on SUSE Enterprise Server 11 SP2 and having difficulty. I thought I'd grab the trial and see if I could get it working, but I'm running into some problems. We have some dependencies on swftools and ImageMagick. On most other distributions there are either packages for these, or we get their dependencies and build them. However on SLES this is proving to be a huge hassle. The *-devel packages I'd like to install appear to not be available in the package repositories but instead are on some SDK Add-On DVD. I found the place to download the iso files for these, http://download.novell.com/Download?...d=NgW3ToaagDQ~ However the proceed to download link goes to an error page. I can't find any information on how to properly get access on how to download these.

How can I get access to download these SDK iso files?

Is there really no other way to get access to *-devel packages?