Google changed the way Google Apps calendars can be displayed.
Previously a private calendar could be displayed with a link, but
that's no longer possible, and this has an effect on the NCCI Birthday
calendar on

The options are:
1. Give everyone an NCCI Google Apps account so they can access the
2. Make the calendar public so the link works again or
3. Don't link to the calendar anymore and just get rid of it.

We sort of lost our Birthday Minion when he wandered off to have a
life, so no one is maintaining the calendar any longer. The easiest
option is to make it public, but I didn't want to make the calendar
public without getting feedback from those whose names are on it
already, so does anyone on there mind the calendar being public? If you
say you mind, but your name isn't on it, your vote won't count. <G>

If you've every received birthday wishes in here from everyone, chances
are you're on the birthday calendar. : )

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