A year ago, 2017-10-18, I opened SR 101115523191:
Unable to migrate files with MIGGUI

I was, of course, trying to migrate NSS files and trustees from NetWare
to a new OES 2015 SP1 server in a new tree.

As a result of my SR, this bug was opened:
Bug 1064687 - the mls command only returns files that have the archive
bit set. and the mls command fails when issued from miggui.

Both the SR and the bug remain opened and there has been no change in a

Miggui certainly has had more than its share of issues. I browsed
through dozens of TIDS and an equal number of bugs. I thought these
issues might be addressed in a newer OES release but...

> Trustee migration across different tree is not working.


I was more than a bit surprised to see this statement in the OES 2018
SP1 readme, especially when miggui is the primary migration utility.

Is miggui so badly broken that it can't be fixed?

Can I assume that miggui is still a supported utility?

Can anyone shed some light on what is being done to resolve these

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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