On 02/09/18 15:36, Kevin Boyle wrote:

> Why can you not reuse the same VM?
> After you build your VM, register it, and apply any needed updates:
> - Take a snapshot then revert to that snapshot when you need a new VM.
> - Make a backup and restore the backup.
> - Shutdown the VM and make a copy of the whole VM. Make a copy of your
> copy each time you need a new VM.
> Any of these approaches will give you a new VM each time you need one
> but it will be a new copy of the same VM: already registered, patched,
> and ready to go!

It's probably worth noting that you should only run one copy of the VM
at any one time and also not a good idea to patch each "copied" VM
separately (i.e. patch the master then re-clone/copy rather than patch
each clone individually).

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