Hi shasthrisuse,

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Thank you jmozdzen for your inputs.
But the concern is atleast it should have allowed us to ping localhost.
I don't see why? If the service (prognum/progvers/proto combo) isn't registered with portmapper, you won't be able to "ping" it. (I guess you're referring to the "-u" option to rpcinfo, which will call RPC function "0" of a registered RPC service)

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another observation is , all other distros including SLES till SLES 15 had allowed to ping nfs program 100003 via udp and rpcinfo -p was listing the same.But suddenly the entry "100003 4 udp 2049 nfs" has disappeared in SLES 15. Was it done knowingly or we have to do some configuration to get this back.?
I'm still trying to locate info on that. To me, it looks like adopting to the RFCs, but would have expected some info in i.e. the release notes. Other distros even made the move to only enable TCP, by default (meaning that even v3 would be available only via TCP), but a look at /etc/nfs.conf reveals that the SLES 15 version still does default to udp=yes, tcp=yes.

If I find out more, I'll report back here.