Hi Rick,

> So, we just need test SLES 11 system in our platform if only for hardware compatible testing.
> SLE POS 11 is one add-on software, which be not relative to hardware function.
> Right ?

that's very likely, but having no hands-on experience with SLE POS, I cannot make more than an educated guess.

Two things to consider: hardware support by the created Linux image for the POS devices (like you I'd assume that since SLE POS is based on SLES11, you ought to be fine when you have SLES11 working on those devices), but also the mechanism for distribution (IOW: How is the image pushed onto the POS devices and does your hardware support that? Things like PXE come to mind).

I recommend giving SUSE a call, a pre-sales engineer will likely be more helpful than me forums fellow Looking at your user name, maybe the Taiwan office is closest to you? From https://www.suse.com/contact/:

Room B, 26th Floor,
No.216, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Road, Da’an District
Taipei City, Taipei, 106
Tel: 886-2-2376-0002