Hi rfragoso,

> the WWN naming reported by /dev/disk/by-id

I've never been looking at /dev/disk/by-id that way - to me it's what udev rules consider to be plausible unique names for a device - and looking at the rules you will see that *various* symlinks are created, depending on the device and available info.

> [scsi_id page 0x80 and page 0x83] shouldn't the numbers be the same?

I don't know - what has the SCSI standard to say on this?

> Also, just for 2 LUN's I get 8 entries [...] shouldn't it be 4 at best? the man page for scsi_id states that it shoud try to fetch only the type 0x80 OR 0x83, not both.

as it is about what udev considers to be required symlinks, it'd be best if you take a look at the udev rules and how (and under which conditions) symlinks are created.