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Thread: How to build rpm binary from source rpm under HPC

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    Re: How to build rpm binary from source rpm under HPC

    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmlewis View Post
    Use rpmbuild -b not the build command. You should also look at building
    as your user not root use. It will create a ~/rpmbuild directory with
    sources, spec file etc. Better yet, just download the complete src rpm
    (zypper with download only option) and copy this from the zypper cache
    diretory to your home directory.

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    Yes, firstly, I use the rpmbuild to build the openblas lib with source code from SLES 15 HPC,
    But I got

    error: line 115: Unknown tag: %{hpc_init -c gnu }

    $ grep hpc_init *
    openblas.spec:%{hpc_init -c %{compiler_family} %{?c_f_ver:-v %{c_f_ver}} %{?ext:-e %{ext}}}

    So it is not feasible to build it with regular rpmbuild command,

    Then wen I grep the hpc_init in whole iso,

    found it was defined in the "build" script.

    So what's the steps to build hpc binary rpm ?

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