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Yes, firstly, I use the rpmbuild to build the openblas lib with source code from SLES 15 HPC,
But I got

error: line 115: Unknown tag: %{hpc_init -c gnu }

$ grep hpc_init *
openblas.spec:%{hpc_init -c %{compiler_family} %{?c_f_ver:-v %{c_f_ver}} %{?ext:-e %{ext}}}

So it is not feasible to build it with regular rpmbuild command,

Then wen I grep the hpc_init in whole iso,

found it was defined in the "build" script.

So what's the steps to build hpc binary rpm ?

It's part of the build condition (bcond) that's used with for example the openSUSE Build Service (https://build.opensuse.org/) privided by the over all project config, for example;

It's really a matter of inspecting the spec file, eg;

In this case it may be set on the SUSE build system, but not the openSUSE one....

So, why do you need to rebuild? Is there some changes you want?