On Fri 16 Nov 2018 06:04:01 PM CST, guennov wrote:

sorry about the delay. Meanwhile I had to add something to my 'personal
knowledge base'.

First a technician told me that the UEFI BIOS Version 8AET66WW (1.46) of
my machine doesn't support a secure boot option.

Second on ubuntu user forums I found that the message "MODSIGN: Couldn't
get UEFI db list: EFI_NOT_FOUND" sometimes is displayed because of a
(ubuntu) kernel bug, not because of a boot problem.

Finally on a user forum there was mentioned the command "efibootmgr -v".
When I tried it part of the response was
so maybe the error message indeed is of no importance. Do you agree?

Thank you!

Yes, secure boot uses shim.efi, non-secure uses grubx64.efi. I would
manually remove the 001A entry via efibootmgr, or fire up YaST
bootloader and uncheck the secure boot option.

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