Hi Zaman,

the output shows that the cards both negotiate successfully, so from a "link layer 2" perspective, they seem to be fine.

What exactly is it that is not working? You wrote
But when I install SUSE SLES for SAP application, it shows both LAN are connected but One LAN ports communicate while another doesn't response. If i unplug the working port and restart the server then second ports starts communication but first port stop responding.
What's it you're doing to confirm "port stop responding"? I guess "ping", but to two distinct addresses (one per port) or a common address?

Let me take a step back... are you running these ports in a "link aggregation" / bond / port bundle configuration? Any VLANs involved? How's the network configuration of the system, as compared to those "working SLES12SP1/SLES12SP3" configurations?