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Yes, I'm using the company's internal repository.
I have found the steps using below link: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/l...per/index.html
perhaps you should check with those that have set up the repositories, for info on how to use them. Typically, you'll see at least a "distribution repository" (i.e. the code as it is on the product DVDs) and an update repository, letting you access the latest code. But it actually depends on how your admin set up the repository structure, it may be that some "slipstreamed" repos is being made available.

I had a quick loot at the instructions you linked to. I cannot tell where the author is coming from (wrt "base installation, package requirements"), but step 3 looks awfully wrong to me: There's no "SLES11 SP3 update repository" available at opensuse.org - they're hosting the OpenSUSE repositories and their level "11.3" has nothing to do with SLES. And in step 2, a repo with "-GA" in its name is added as "repo-update", which is confusing at least.

I'd say, stick with the KB article I linked to and substitute the repository provisioning steps with what your internal IT organization is providing.