Hi johngoutbeck,

> What I would like is to have multiple hosts to access the DRBD pimary/primary pair. Can this be done?

I've not had the best experiences with running DRBD dual-primary, both in very early stages of development and then even with later production-level code. It even got as bad as having practically inconsistent contents, without DRBD noticing (IOW, from DRBD's point of view,the two backing stores were consistent, but in reality they weren't, showing different content when mounting the FS on both nodes).

I've rather early resorted to using a storage infrastructure (i. e. two separate servers running DRBD, with multiple resources in single-primary mode), with the at-the-time active server exporting the block device via some different mechanism (Fiber Channel, iSCSI). The "client" systems then all used i. e. a cluster file system.

You haven't mentioned the purpose of exporting the block device(s) - is it about backing devices for VMs, for use in a virtualization cluster?