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On 26.11.2018 17:04, dgersic wrote:

> By that point, SUMA is out of the picture. Host patches installed ok.
> Host booted ok. SUMA (the Salt minion) goes back to waiting for
> something to do.

I know basically nothing about SUMA, but is that verified? Ain't it
possible SUMA leaves behind some one-time script that runs on the first

> It's the "shook something loose" part that I'm looking for. Root login
> runs a couple of scripts, but they don't do anything that should have
> any affect on "I can't ping the box".

Did you do some Lan traces maybe? Or can recreate the problem and run
them? At least that might give us a hint what exactly went wrong on the
network side.

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For this discussion, SUMA is a pretty wrapper around Salt (https://docs.saltstack.com/en/latest...lkthrough.html).

No packet trace. Can't reproduce it, so there's currently nothing left to test.

Yeah, I know, that's frustrating.