On 12/02/2018 11:04 PM, MARVHUFFAKER wrote:
> Thank you but I wasn't asking SUSE to fix it. If I was asking SUSE to
> fix it I would have just opened an SR (Which I won't do because I know
> they can't fix it). I came here to this community forum to ask the
> community for advice and to see how other people have worked through it.
> Maybe I'm missing something simple.

Sorry for misunderstanding; I thought you were asking how to fix VMWare,
and now it seems like you may just be asking how to start the SLES 15
install when there is no SLES option. If the latter is the case, just
choose SLES 12, or even an earlier versions, or even just 'Linux'
(assuming that is there like it was years ago in VMWare Workstation). The
selection only matters (or so I believe anyway) to setup default hardware
(RAM/CPU/disk), and possibly to do an automated or simplified install
(where applicable), and of course for VMWare Tools installation when/if
the time comes, but otherwise a VM is a VM and should work (or always did
for me when using "unsupported" Linux distributions, or too-new versions
of SLES and openSUSE, etc.).

> Also the VMWare servers are fully patched and as stated in my original

I do not see you stating it is fully patched. Build numbers for arbitrary
products (I do not use VMWare ESXi as an admin) did not mean anything so
me, so I did not assume.

Good luck.

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