I had been running SLED12 SP3 with Vbox. Ran W7 as a guest just fine. Ok, long story very short: I got forced into having to get a new Mobo and CPU. This forced me into going to SLED15 to overcome all the EUFI problems.

So now I have this system running SLED15, and it boots just fine (as opposed to the rigmarole I was doing with the install CD and having to get to "more" and then select load linux....).

I have installed VBox using Yast and repos from OPENsuse on SLED15 -- I didn't see anything that provided Vbox with SLED15 repos.

The problem I am running into, regardless of the level of Vbox is there is a missing requirement.

It wants Libvpx.so.1 .

Perhaps I am using the wrong repo?

And the Oracle page that I wound up on, while doing a search for a fix to this problem, indicates that I also have to get some extension package, but I can't seem to find it for SUSE. I can find it for a few other distros....

Anyone got some idea of how to get Vbox working?

I don't think KVM is a solution until I can export the W7 system from Vbox, apparently by using Vbox to do the export. Well, once I get that fixed, then why go to KVM?