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Thanks for your input J.

I haven't seen and example of 2 (multiple) address for a resource connection

I'm avoiding bonding since I have simple switches.
there are bonding modes that do not require explicit switch support (as would be needed for i.e. LACP, bonding mode 4).

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The reason for not bonding is to have two LAN links on different subnets, each connected to their own switch. This way if a link or a switch goes down (scheduled or unscheduled), then the connection between the DRBD storage system would stay up and connected - like multipath for a SAN.

Bonding(LAG) can be used if the switches support MLAG (Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation - where 2 ports on 2 different switches work as a LAG bond).
...or you interconnect the switches on layer 2, connect each server to each switch and use bonding modes without LACP, i.e. hot-standy or round-robin. If one link breaks, or one switch is rebooted, you'd still have connectivity. Just not as effective as LACP appears - but in case you're only connecting these two servers, LACP typically wouldn't use more than one link at a time either.

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So I take it DRBD does not support mulitpath between storage nodes within it resource configuration.
Yes, I'd say so - just because I have found no indication that it would support it, so if some DRBD guru jumps in as says "it does!", I'll stand corrected