Hi Kelly,

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Right, good idea! I was able to delete some old snapshots using "snapper list". Also, deleted some larger log files from /var/log and ran "zypper clean"
Had to reboot for the disk space to update. Was down to 91%. I was then able to follow the steps from your original post.

just for future reference - restarting syslog might have been sufficient, it sounds as if "some larger log files" were the main contributors to your success and as log as they're held open by syslogd, the disk space won't get freed no matter you deleted their directory entry.

Also you might want to look info running "logrotate" on that machine, to have larger log files rotated periodically. If you do so, please have a look at the default files in /etc/logrotate.d, I believe they do contain the setting to retain 99 old versions, which may not be that helpful (although the rotated versions are at least compressed).