During one of my original CNE classes (circa 1994), we were shown a new
software development tool from Novell. This was during the days when
Novell was going crazy trying to beat Microsoft on every front (e.g.
their own version of DOS, the WordPerfect Office suite, etc), and
apparently they wanted to go after the RAD software business that Visual
Basic led. I don't know if this tool was ever commercially released --
the version I saw may have been a late beta -- but in essence it allowed
you to develop Windows "programs" by dragging components onto a canvas,
and connecting them with lines, like a flowchart or Visio diagram. The
components were pre-existing logic "building blocks", such as "read
file" or "prompt user", which could be configured for the specific task
needed (e.g. "read value -*x*- from line -*y*- in file -*z*-"). There
were also "decision" and "loop" blocks, to mimic the types of logic flow
common in language-based development, and there was supposed to be an
API for creating or using third-party building blocks (similar to
Microsoft's VBX extensions).

Does anyone remember what this was called? Was it ever released?

Erik J Sawyer

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