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> We have now SLES11SP4, and want to SLES12SP4. The idea is to build new
> VM servers based on SLES12SP4. Now we where wondering if there are
> already engineers wich have a good template for SLES12SP4 (or SP3),
> within there the best practices for this servers, and the most used / or
> usefull hardening configurations.
> We know there is al lot off documentation for it, but maybe there is
> already someone with good experiences, on SLES12SP3/4. Including a
> template or yast file for rollout new VM SLES12SP4 servers.
> Like to hear from you, kind regards, Henk

SUSE are not in the habit of changing too much between Service
Packs, certainly nothing major, so what works for previous
releases of SLES12 should work for SLES12 SP4.

You've referenced documentation which is available at and includes
guides covering deployment, virtualisation, security, and

Simon Flood
SUSE Knowledge Partner

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