cisaksen Wrote in message:

> Tomcat gets update from 8 to 9 from SP3 to SP4 - with this upgrade java
> is NOT upgraded to support tomcat 9. Make sure you upgrade java to
> 1.8. If not tomcat may not even start.
> I also had to update the context.xml in the manager apps to allow my IP
> address for the login prompt to reappear, otherwise you just get the
> access denied page.
> I'm not sure if this is related but catalina.out is not being created or
> updated. Has anyone else run into any other troubles ?

From the web view of the forums I believe you're talking about
SLES12 SP3 to SP4.

How did you do the upgrade? i.e. which steps did you follow?

Other than SUSE-provided packages what other software was installed?

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