Hi all,
I'm using SLED-11SP2 32 bit with gnome only. I already add SDK sp2 & using "zypper in nagios*" I installed Nagios 3.0.6.xx, but after start the nagios service (service nagios start), whenever i try to open it ask me username & password & i dont know the password. One more important thing is that, after start the the service using above command, i also checked the status & it say dead.

linux-nxk1:~ # service nagios start
Starting Nagios done
linux-nxk1:~ # service nagios status
Checking for Nagios dead
linux-nxk1:~ #

I also tried to compile & install nagios from source, but i failed due to some dependency/compatibility.

Can any one please help me to install/configure the Nagios on SLED11SP2 system.