I am trying to export the full server certificate on my SLES 15 server. It is the certificate that was created by default when the server was built.
The last time I manage SLES certificates was on SLES 12. I easily located the CA Management console in YAST then. For some reason I cannot find it in SLES 15 in YAST, in the same security and users folder.

I have looked through forums etc, and found documents showing how that YAST CA Management tool is accessed - but I do not see it on my sever anywhere.
I also noted in my online searches that the ca-certificate services performs the certificate management etc, this service is running on my server, but I have no idea on how to access/use it.

Cannot seem to find any documents online on how to manage CA Certificate on SLES 15 without the YAST tool/plugin.

Can anyone suggest what and how the previous YAST CA Management tool has replaced it? and how to use this replacement tool?