On Sat 12 Jan 2019 11:54:02 AM CST, Zielony wrote:

Hi, thanks for the reply !

So the only way for me to have this work is to downgrade my php from 7.3
to 7.2 ? (and does it have to be explicitly 7.2.0, nothing bigger like
7.2.4 ? ) I'm new to linux administration so pardon for asking.

Are there any zypper repos for this php mcrypt ? I searched far and wide
and didn't find anything, and opensuses links (below) don't work


best regards


It needs to be less than release 7.2.0, the question is why you need
the module, have you looked for an alternative to meet your
requirements, then updating the php7 bits that use it for a later

To be honest, you would need to looking at compiling your own php7
release and maintaining, backporting fixes etc, all additional work if
you want that module, it's probably not supported upstream anymore
hence they dropped it.

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