I have few queries regarding support option available for SLES, before
I ask you the query let me give you the background of it. I was going
thru the release notes of SLES11 and in topic 9.4 Kernel Modules
observed the following line *-Please remember that loading and running
unsupported modules will make the kernel and the whole system
unsupported by Novell. -*

Now usually third party software/modules are not supported by Novell
and taint the kernel when loaded. Following are the queries:

*1) * Does this limitation applicable on SLES9 and SLES10? In my
knowledge it is not applicable and SLES9, 10 and in those cases
inserting unsupported modules *will not make entire system unsupported*.

*2) * In many situations it is required to insert an unsupported
module, so what could be the possible solution to overcome the
*3) * How can a module made supported module or external module, so
that the above problem can be overcome.
*4) * To make a module supported by novell, who can be contacted and
what would be the process for getting that support.

Will appreciate quick responce


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