I have a probem on a laptop I use, a MacBook Pro running openSUSE
Tumbleweed. I do not see this issue on any other system, also not on a
second MacBook. It is not a new problem, have seen that stuff for month now,
I never noticed any negative impact. However I cannot find out where those
messages come from in the system log file:

Jul 23 14:45:30 balder pidof[7161]: can't read from 7173/stat
Jul 23 14:45:50 balder pidof[7526]: can't read from 7542/stat
Jul 23 14:46:42 balder pidof[8477]: can't read from 8415/stat
Jul 23 14:46:46 balder pidof[8540]: can't read from 8503/stat
Jul 23 14:47:02 balder pidof[8826]: can't read from 8828/stat
Jul 23 14:47:50 balder pidof[9667]: can't read from 9673/stat
Jul 23 14:47:54 balder pidof[9768]: can't read from 9748/stat
Jul 23 14:48:06 balder pidof[9969]: can't read from 9958/stat
Jul 23 14:49:54 balder pidof[11908]: can't read from 11902/stat
Jul 23 14:50:01 balder pidof[12052]: can't read from 12059/stat

I caanot even find out what type of process causes this, when the message
appears both the reading and the read process have already gone.

Anyone got an idea ?