The host server is SuSE12sp3 with a number of Windows and SuSE VMs running perfectly.

I tried to create a new VM for OES2018 SLES12sp2 with vm-install and then the GUI loads. I put in the relevant settings and then the installation starts. The system then creates the new disk image (disk0.raw) for the VM and starts the installation. The installation get to about 95% and then terminates with the following error "VM creation job failed: No kernel was found. The installation may have failed". Then the disk0.raw file is deleted.

On one occasion there were extra error messages "WARNING: Failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to internal scanning" and "File descriptor 13 (pipe:[40220] leaked on pvscan invocation. Parent PID 6871"

The VM creation fails using defaults or personalized settings.

Any help will be appreciated.