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Hi Malcom,
We would like to use SUMA to automate these installs down the lane for now i was wondering if there is a way to install SLES15 for SAP directly without registration i have tried it and cant seem to do it without registration was hoping to see if someone has been able to do it if so how??
So, I just did a quick test and works as expected?

One 4GB USB device with the installer on (via imagewriter), one 16GB USB device with the extracted iso packages copied over, device was ext4 formatted.

To copy, I first extracted the iso image to a directory called SEL_15-packages, formated the USB device as ext4, then as root user;

cp -ar SLE_15-packages/* /run/media/username/usb_device_uuid/
umount /dev/sdb1
Boot the system and select the install;

Skip registration and hit next, then your presented with the option to select the device, in this case in the drop down your usb key, give it a name (since they are repositories, it will auto add);

Select products and modules you wish to install...