I'm building an application that depends on openssl 1.0 version yet. I read in release notes that openssl 1.0 version was moved to legacy module.
So, I suppose that Suse15 will support openssl 1.0 until the end of 2019 because as says on openssl blog "Our current LTS release is 1.0.2, and it will be supported until the end of 2019.".

My application is trying to load libraries with SONAME 1.0.0, but on SLED the libraries has already the new SONAME (1.1).
How SLED supports 1.0 yet? Should my installer require a dependency of openssl 1.0 ?

Note: When I try to use autocomplete on command "zypper install openssl" isnt listed any 1.0 version.

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