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I have reinstalled a couple of times but always come to this setup.

Do you think is possible to come to a solution with suse11sp3?

In worst case I Will try Virtual box installation...

If I upgrade to newer Suse version I got problem with compability to installed base.
That's because the disk itself is incorrectly configured....

So, from the install media boot into rescue mode and wipe the disk...

wipefs -a /dev/sda4
wipefs -a /dev/sda3
wipefs -a /dev/sda2
wipefs -a /dev/sda1
wipefs -a /dev/sda
gdisk /dev/sda
Now in gdisk create (press n for each new partition to create);
partition1 size 260M type ef00 (/boot/efi)
partition2 size 154G type 8300 (/)
partition3 size 154G type 8300 (?)
partition4 size 154G type 8300 (/home)
partition5 size what's left type 8200 (swap)
Press w to write and save

Format the efi partition to be sure...
mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1
Reboot the system, now you need to ensure you press (I think F12) to get to the hardware boot menu, here you want to select the install media and it should indicate UEFI, if not there should be an option to browse to an efi file, if so browse the install media for the elilo efi file and make sure you boot from that.

At the partitioning point, select the expert option and configure partitions and select sda1 to mount as /boot/efi and not to format, rest as required.

At the final summary screen before starting the install, ensure elilo is the bootloader and you should be good to go.