I have written a XPLAT Linux program that uses NWCCOpenConnByName() to
acquire a connection to a SLES10SP2OES2SP1 server (, and then
the program uses this connection provided by NWCCOpenConnByName() to
login to eDirectory with NWDSLoginEx(). The program works fine on my
SLES10SP2OES2SP1 server, but when another person runs the same program
on his SLES10SP2OES2SP1 server, then the program fails;
NWCCOpenConnByName() returns 0xFFFFFFEA.

We both have the Novell Client for Linux installed and working on both
of these servers; meaning, we can login to eDirectory fine with NCL.

Any ideas of things to try to figure out why this program will not run
on his server?



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