Hi warper2,

> I am not sure whether this is a clean way to do it.

That one's easy: No, that's no clean way to do it.

Have a look at the available upgrade paths, a "clean" upgrade would be SP by SP.

> I know before you say to go to sles 12 please leave that one alone for now.

Only if you say you have LTSS for SLES11SP4. A need for HA, but running on an unsupported platform, somewhat contradicts itself.

If your SAN migration will need a maintenance window anyhow, I'd suggest to go the following route:

- set up the new SAN and a new cluster from the new server hardware
- run isolated tests on the new environment, optimally with copies of the old VMs
- once sufficiently tested, clean up the new environment
- stop the old servers, migrate the SAN data, (re-)create the VMs on the new cluster

That way you'd even have a fall-back environment in case of migration disaster.