My issue is actually very simple, but hard to address it directly. So please allow me to go around a bit. Back in the old days, when I used the Windows OS, before I issued a command from the command line, I need to first set the path variable so that the command can be executed automatically.

Now, on the SLED 11, I installed IBM WAS 8.5 developer edition. When I tried to check the status of the server, I went to the installation directory, <was home>/bin/ and then issue a command on the terminal:

serverStatus -all

RESULTS: bash: command not found

This could be due to my working directory is not in the path. So, if I want to run a shell script from my current working directory, I have to invoke it: ./

My question, is there a way that I can set up a path or environment variable, so that whenever I type a command on the terminal such as the, it will automatically run the script?