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    System Lock

    Running SLED 11. RAM: 2 GB SWAP: 16 GB.

    I found the system got locked from time to time when I opened multiple applications such as browser windows, word doc, terminal screen, file manager, and web application server.

    When this happened I went to check the RAM usage and saw only 1.3 GB out of 1.9 GB in use, and the Swap was 0.2 GB out of 16 GB in use. That means there is still some free memory available. Then why did the system get locked?
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    Re: System Lock

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    If by 'locked' you mean it hung and never returned, then RAM shortage is
    likely not your problem since even if you were out of RAM and your
    system was using extremely-slow swap your box would eventually respond.

    Good luck.

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    Re: System Lock

    its happen alot of time with me and i dont know why
    only i saw the Hard Disk lamb on .
    but the system does not respond until i restart the system

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    Re: System Lock

    If the HD light is on, its doing "something" - a hard lock up on Linux most usually indicates a hardware related cause. When its hung, can you use num lock, caps lock?

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