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Thread: 3rd party vendor support for PTF kernels

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    3rd party vendor support for PTF kernels


    We are developing a software for SLES customer that uses SLES PTF kernels.
    Our software contains a kernel module that needs to be compiled with the target kernel package.

    I would like to understand best practices for vendors to support PTF kernels. Is there a team that can support me with that?


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    Re: 3rd party vendor support for PTF kernels


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  3. Re: 3rd party vendor support for PTF kernels

    Hi ronshah,

    > Is there a team that can support me with that?

    these forums are user-to-user forums, so since you seem to be looking for engineering support from SUSE, it'd be best to reach out for your SUSE contacts to discuss the issue.

    From a user perspective, I'd say that PTF kernels are not intended as a longer-term solution, but only to bridge until the next generally available update (PTFs are usually created for specific customers). So I believe you'd have to find a process where the customer will report a problem and receive a PTF, forwards it to you and you then create a temporary kernel module (so you're building your own PTF ) and then the customer will have to install both PTFs in one go.

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