bexsuse wrote:

> Hi,
> I want to migrate a VMware installation to a bare-metal one for
> testing purposes. So far I got restored a Veeam backup on the
> physical server. But during the Suse boot process the system reaches
> the target basic system and then starts the mentioned stat job for
> the root device (checked by UUID). After ~10min the screen goes black
> and nothing more happens.
> Reagrds
> Tommy
> /OT
> How can I attach files in this forums?

Hi Tommy,

Welcome to the SUSE forums...

These forums are supported be volunteers and we try to help out on a
"best effort" basis. We are not SUSE employees. If this is an urgent
matter, you should open a service request with SUSE.

So, you Have a SLES 12 SP3 virtual machine running on VMware. VMware is
a Company that provides a number of products that can support VMs. Can
you tell us which version of VMware you are using?

The virtual hardware running your VMware VM is likely quite different
from the physical hardware to which you restored the backup. I'm not
surprised that you are experiencing some issues. That you are using
Veeam to effect the transfer introduces additional opportunities for
something to go awry.

Are you following a specific document describing how to do a virtual to
physical conversion?

From what you describe, I can't tell what may have happened. Can you
access /var/log/messages to see what errors may have been logged?

Unfortunately, you are unable to attach files to your posts in these
forums. If you have small amounts of data you wish to share you may
insert them as text in the body of your post.

Kevin Boyle - Knowledge Partner
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