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True, removing gnome-packagekit is a bit of a sledgehammer approach, but once SP1 goes end of life there won't be any updates for you to install anyway. Also you could still use zypper and YaST for package management.
I have SP2 repos enabled too, so I can receive updates for most packages (except kernel and some packages missing in SP2 repos) using zypper and YaST. The problem is in the PackageKit only, so I disabled it by renaming .desktop file as you're advised.

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You can't update to SP2 and keep 2.6 kernel. The newer kernel is really one of the big features of SP2.

There's a thread on here about updating HP machines. Really you need to talk to HP about it. Do you know if those Intel drivers are actually needed for SP2? Newer kernel means support for newer hardware. E.g. SP1 didn't support Sandybridge video chip so third party module was required, but SP2 includes support for those chip sets.
I know that 3.x kernels supports Sandybridge graphics out of the box, but I also know that they have problems with power management which have been fixed only in 3.4 kernel, so I prefer to stay on 2.6.32 kernel while it's supported.