Between Linux and Windows, which to choose? This is an old subject and yet complicated issue. Generaly speaking, I believe the Windows is easy to use. But it is weak in security and stability such as susceptible to virus and spam attack and frequent rebooting is needed. For this reason, I choose Linux.

Between Suse and RedHat, I like the SUSE for its powerful GUI (YAST). The RedHat is basically commandline based system. I believe the only reason it leads the Linux market is because it entered the market earlier. Other than that, I can see any advantage of it over SUSE's powerful GUI. For this reason, I choose SUSE Linux.

But two things somewhat worry me.

1) Novell has an image of partnership with Microsoft that caused the resentment in the Linux community. Besides it is said Microsoft distributes as part of a resale arrangement approximately 70,000 coupons for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server maintenance and support per year. This makes me wonder if some day the Microsoft pulls the plug, will SUSE be able to survive by its own?

2) When compare the pros and cons between the Windows and the Linux, the general consent is the Windows is easy to use while the Linux will need highly trained expertise. Just how costly will the SUSE Linux's operation and maintenance down the road is another thing worries me a lot.

Post this subject, hope to hear your opinion.