I have been working on doing an automated install by booting off of the SLES 11 SP2 DVD1 and passing "autoyast=usb:///mysystem.xml".

While I have been able to make it work, I ran into multiple issues caused by the installer detecting the USB stick as /dev/sda and the hard drive as /dev/sdb. After rebooting without the USB stick the hard drive of course becomes /dev/sda and various things fail. Thanks to SUSE support, I know what to modify in the XML files by hand, but it does obfuscate the intent of the actual installation. I have also had trouble with the "Autoyast installer" tool on OpenSUSE 12 giving me a non-working installation if I use it to edit other parts of the configuration. Does anyone have any solutions for getting the hard drives detected first instead of the USB stick?

This isn't really urgent since I'm able to do network installs, but being able to do an install without a network connection (or one that can't reach the tftp server & repository) would be quite convenient in some cases.