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I don't know about a document but I can say that WSL[v1] doesn't support systemd - see https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/8036 . Now whether that will change with WSLv2 which uses a native Linux kernel I don't know.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply and that link. I have seen similar information on GitHub and knew systemd was not supported. As pointed out on GitHub, there are a lot of services that depend on systemd which, of course, don't work too. I haven't attempted to identify which ones have systemd dependencies.

I decided to install WSL/SLES15 just to explore and see what I could do in a WSL environment but most of the things I tried didn't work. systemd is a major component. If it is not supported, that implies a lot of functionality is impacted. Such being the case, I would expect SUSE to provide a document explaining this.

Example: How to do a shutdown without systemd? I haven't found a way....