We have a SLES 11.2 box and another box running SLES 11.1 here in Akron.

We have a box in Luxembourg running SLES 11.1 and another running 11.2 (was a SLES 10.2 machine but has been temporarily replaced with the 11.2 one).

I can transfer files from Lux to Akron from either of the Lux machines to either of the Akron machines and I get nearly the full capability of the pipe (100 Mbps).

But I can't transfer the same files from Akron to Lux at that same speed.


Akron 11.2 to Lux 11.2 = 74 Mpbs
Akron 11.2 to Lux 11.1 = 50 Mpbs

Akron 11.1 to Lux 11.2 = 27 Mpbs
Akron 11.1 to Lux 11.1 = 37 Mpbs

All Lux to Akron combinations get > 85 Mbps consistently. We really need all these combinations to work properly both directions.

I have looked at all parameters the internet says matters to transfer performance, but to no avail.

I don't know if this is a sending limitation or a receiving problem. Our network guys say the pipe itself is fine.

So anyone have ideas of what to set on which machine to bring the rate from Akron to Lux up?

Thanks for any info.


PS: Akron 11.2 = 3.0.13-0.27-default kernal
11.1 =

Lux 11.1 =
11.2 = 3.0.34-0.7-default