Unfortunatly I could not find a current DELL documention how to build a valid multipath.conf when using a MD3200 storage array. The config coming with the DELL software reports some errors:

Aug 09 14:22:19 | multipath.conf +104, invalid keyword: polling_interval
Aug 09 14:22:19 | multipath.conf +112, invalid keyword: prio_callout


device {
vendor "DELL"
product "MD32xx"
path_grouping_policy group_by_prio
prio rdac
polling_interval 5
path_checker rdac
path_selector "round-robin 0"
hardware_handler "1 rdac"
failback immediate
features "2 pg_init_retries 50"
no_path_retry 30
rr_min_io 100
prio_callout "/sbin/mpath_prio_rdac /dev/%n"

The problem with the polling_interval is that it should be in the defaults section and not in the device section. But I don't know what to do with the prio_callout. As far as I know the parameter is deprecated but the parameter is still documented in the "Storage Adminstration Guide" for SLES11 SP2. Is the documentation out-dated? How to configure it right?