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Back to "prio_callout" the mentioned "/sbin/mpath_prio_rdac" isn't existing on my system. Do I have to install additional software?
You are correct as this file is not included (as far as I can find) in the init/mpath packages any more.

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EDIT: According to the following link to the redhat knowledgebase the parameter is now "just "prio"". So could I delete "prio_callout" and everything is fine?

Yes, that does make sense (also reading Bryn's reply), so I'd leave it out.

If your paths are getting the correct id's and are equal across connected systems (if clustering is applicable), you should be fine.

To be sure so some testing with at least one test partition and open content on it to see what happens when pulling one of the connections to the storage and then switching them (to make sure path failure and return gets handled correctly). If it all works as expected, you should be good AFAIK.

I do agree it's confusing, as the Red Hat documentation does state clear changes in version 6, but the SLES documentation (that I've found) does not state anything about this but still generally refers to it as working : http://www.suse.com/documentation/sl...tor_admin.html

I'll drop this question to my Novell contact.