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Thank you for your response

As you said tried to get ceph status but it was not giving any result as
In our environment we do not use SUSE Enterprise Storage or Ceph, But not understanding how come rbd commands are getting invoked through API calls?
Are we talking about SOC 8 CLM or Crowbar here? If you deployed SOC with Crowbar, how did you deploy the nova barclamp? If there is no ceph backend it's clear that nova will fail if it's configured to use ceph.
Can you paste the output of
grep -rvE "^#|^$" /etc/nova/ | grep rbd
from one of your compute nodes and
grep -rvE "^#|^$" /etc/cinder/ | grep rbd
from a cinder node? I'm not very familiar with CLM yet, so in that case someone else might be able to help you.