Hi there,

I'm just learning RMT and I've got a question. I've got an RMT Server running on SLES 15 SP1 (FQDN: nsi-rmt.netsysint.net). And I'm trying to install a SLES 12 SP4 server using RMT for the client's product registration and repositories.

When I specify
as a boot parameter when starting the installation, I see that the client obtains the certificate from nsi-rmt but then errors stating that no product repository can be found for SLES 12 SP4. However if I do the installation and don't specify any boot parameters and select to register against a local RMT server and specify the same URL as on the regurl parameter, it works.

I thought that using the "regurl=" parameter and specifying that same RMT server on the Registration installation screen were different ways to do the same thing. Am I completely off-base here - are they not used for the same purpose?

Thanks Rich...